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The TAE Contemporary Art Gallery had built a library through the amazingly helpful donations of people just like you! We are seeking donations of any art related books, magazines, photographs and music or video recordings to add to the collection.

It serves as a reference collection for people to peruse while in the building. Donors will have the opportunity to fill out a limited edition artist-designed certificate to leave with their donation describing any specific history of the item as well as their name, or it can be kept anonymous if the donor so chooses.

Please drop off your donations for either collection to the Windhover Artists & Events Inc. at 1631 11th Ave. during regular work hours or email windhoverartists@gmail.com with "TAE LIBRARY" in the subject heading for any questions or comments about donations.

TAE Library will gratefully accept cash donations towards the cost of labels, repairs and receiving of items shipped COD. Please contact us with any questions you may have.



A special thanks to Robert Camfield Livingstone's estate for a donation of an extensive collection of books in the thousands to TAE Contemporary Art Gallery Library.




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